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Excuse Me Mr.

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Requested by mistress_britt.
Your Request Sookie attends a costume party at Fangtasia and Eric can't resist her in her little schoolgirl costume and they decide to have a little fun role playing with Eric as a strict headmaster or even better, if he’s a perverted priest.
Bookverse/Showverse: Bookverse
Rating: R to NC-17
General Idea/Prompt: Eric and Sookie roleplay
3 Specific Things: Sookie wearing knee socks, spanking and Eric stroking Sookie's hair.

Title: Excuse Me Mr.
Rating: NC-17, to be safe
Word Count: nearly 5000
Beta-Reader: rivertempest who is amazing and even got one of her own betas to double-check this for me.
Disclaimer: Charlaine Harris, HBO, and Alan Ball own the characters. I just like to play with them. The title comes from a No Doubt song and I also mention a song by the band, Rasputina.
Summary: When Sookie gets an invite to Fangtasia's Halloween party, it turns into a chance for her and Eric to clear the air between them in a unique way.
Notes: To the recipient, this probably isn’t exactly how you imagined this, but I hope you like it anyway. I did my best to keep them in-character and I think I was fairly successful.
Warnings: Goes AU after Book 7.

Excuse Me Mr.

It was nearing five o’clock when I remembered the invitation sitting on my kitchen table.

Halloween had never been one of my favorite holidays growing up. Bon Temps was too small and rural of a town for children to go trick or treating door to door and Gran hadn’t thought driving to Shreveport just for free candy for one night was a productive way to spend time.

So when the black envelope arrived in the mail two weeks earlier -- a thick, matching black card with raised orange lettering inside -- I’d read it over once before setting it down between the salt and pepper shakers and forgotten it.

Honestly, I was surprised Eric, Pam, and the Fangtasia crew were in a party-throwing mood. It had only been a few weeks since the bombing at the hotel in Rhodes and I knew most of the vampires involved in it were still recovering from their injuries; poor Sophie-Anne, the queen of the Louisiana vampires, was still growing her legs back, a process I understood to be incredibly painful. Thankfully, my own scrapes and bruises from the ordeal had healed weeks ago.

Still, I couldn’t imagine a single vampire I knew dressed up in any kind of Halloween costume, so when I was sure the sun had set completely, I dug my cell phone out of my purse and called someone I knew would have the answers to my questions.

The phone picked up after only one ring. “Eric Northman.”

“Eric, it’s Sookie.”

“My lover, I hope you will be joining us tonight.” He broke off a moment to say something in Swedish to one of his underlings, probably Pam, before resuming the conversation. “We are just finishing the preparations now.”

“So, Fangtasia is really hosting a Halloween costume party?” I asked disbelievingly. “I would have thought you vamps would do something different for Halloween.”

“Normally, we would have something resembling a traditional Samhain celebration as we have done in years past, but Pam convinced me this would be more familiar for our human patrons and guests,” he explained patiently.

Since I had no idea what consisted of a ‘traditional Samhain celebration’, I couldn’t agree with him one way or the other. “I know you invited me and all, but I don’t know if I feel like going to a big party, Eric,” I started out hesitantly. “I don’t even have a costume.”

A frustrating silence stretched between us until he decided to reply, obviously choosing his words carefully. “Halloween is a big holiday for vampires, Sookie, one of only two we celebrate, and as I am hosting it, you should attend as my bonded.”

This was another thing that had occurred in Rhodes. Because of my little genetic quirk -- my gift of telepathy -- Andre, second-in-command to Sophie-Anne, had wanted to bond me to him by blood so they would be able to keep track of me at all times and, of course, so I would constantly be available for their use. Fortunately for me, Eric had shown up and offered himself as an alternative to Andre since we had already exchanged blood. At the time, I was immensely grateful to him because I knew being bonded to Andre would not have been a pleasant experience, but now I’m not sure how I feel. Andre had been killed by my then-boyfriend Quinn in the aftermath of the bombing, and I was still stuck being blood-bonded to Eric Northman, Viking vampire and sheriff of Area Five.

It had been three weeks since I’d seen or even spoken to Quinn, so I was pretty sure our relationship was over and he was simply too scared to call and tell me. During our last conversation, he’d accused me of still having feelings for Eric and that was why I wasn’t freaking out over the bond. I had said some not-so-nice things in return and he’d angrily stormed out of my house without a backward glance. I’d tried to call him a few times since then, but each time, his phone rang and rang until his voicemail finally picked up.

He was right though. I did still have feelings for Eric and they all stemmed from a single period back in January when he’d stayed at my house after a witch had stolen his memory. He couldn’t remember anything from his extremely long life and he’d been so sweet and tender with me, even offering to give up everything to come and live with me, but I couldn’t have allowed him to do that. Once he was back in his right mind, he could no longer remember the time we’d shared together growing closer and being intimate. Unfortunately for me, I could never forget, no matter how hard I’d tried.

I’d been crushed that he’d forgotten, so much that I’d practically cut myself off from him and had refused to acknowledge any sort of connection we might’ve had. Every time we came into contact after that had been like little arrows piercing my heart because it only served to remind me how painful it was to be the only one to remember the moments between us.

For a long time, I’d thought the Eric I’d gotten so attached to didn’t really exist inside him, the powerful vampire sheriff, but I was starting to believe I’d been wrong because I’d been seeing glimpses of his gentler, more caring side since going down to New Orleans to see Sophie-Anne over two months ago. Between that and the blood-bond, which meant we could sense each other’s feelings now even across long distances, our relationship was complicated to say the least.

“Just because we’re bonded doesn’t mean I need to be at your side whenever you expect me there,” I stated testily into the receiver, knowing he was probably picking up on my annoyance even all the way in Shreveport.

“I did not say I expected you to be here, Sookie. Only that I hoped you would be,” he replied calmly.

I sighed into the phone. “I suppose I could come up with something. I already have the night off anyway.”

Realizing he’d gotten his way, Eric laughed and I knew without seeing him that he was sporting a big shit-eating grin on his face. “Wear something sexy, Sookie.”

I made a noncommittal noise as my mind went over what I had in my closet that could be suitable for a costume party. “What exactly are you wearing to the party?”

A low chuckle was my answer before he spoke. “You will not find out until you come. I will see you soon, dear one.”

The line went dead as I opened my mouth to reply. Grumbling quietly to myself about arrogant vampires who thought they were entitled, I placed the phone back in my purse and headed to my bedroom to start digging through my clothes.

Subconsciously keeping his words in mind, I managed to scrounge up a short red plaid skirt and a white cap-sleeve button-down from my high school days. The skirt would be indecently high on my legs, but I shouldn’t have any problems if I didn’t try to bend over. If I tied the shirt under my breasts and put my hair in braids, I could go as the classic naughty schoolgirl.

I stopped over at my dresser to pull out matching underwear in red lace as well as a pair of white knee socks that would complete the outfit perfectly. I set the clothes in a pile on my bed along with the high-heeled Mary Janes Tara had talked me into during one of my visits to her store. Feeling satisfied with my efforts at finding a costume, I ducked into the bathroom for a quick shower. As I lathered shampoo into my blonde hair, I thought over the conundrum I currently faced.

The real question was, did I want an actual relationship with Eric despite all the power and political entanglements that were involved? I knew I had feelings for him, although I had done my best to bury them once he’d regained his memory. I also knew he felt something for me, as he’d told me as much not long after I informed him of what had occurred between the two of us back in January.

Another thing to consider was the blood-bond. I knew from Eric’s brief explanation that it wasn’t going to go away, and having other relationships when I was so strongly connected to one man would be pretty difficult. I already couldn’t date human men because of my telepathy, and trying to explain my blood tie with a millennium old vampire wouldn’t make things any easier.

Quinn was a non-issue at this point. I figured if he had been willing to abandon me after one fight then he simply wasn’t worth the effort. And even if I discounted his avoidance, I wasn’t happy with him not telling me about his family and how he was still very much occupied with their problems.

I was very big on honesty and had been ever since I found out Bill Compton, my ex, another vampire, and my first real boyfriend, had lied to me about the real reason he had moved back to Bon Temps, which turned out to be seducing me on the queen’s orders. But even before then, he’d lied to me about where he was going on a business trip and cheated on me with his maker, Lorena. Needless to say, I didn’t trust anybody blindly anymore.

Not feeling any closer to a solution, I rinsed my hair of conditioner and made sure I’d gotten all the soapsuds off from my body wash. Satisfied that I was as clean as I could be, I reached for a towel and headed back into my bedroom to get ready.

I took a seat at my vanity, intending to brush out and braid my hair first before I did my make-up, but I noticed something in the reflection of the mirror that distracted me from my task. It was the cranberry coat with the tortoiseshell buttons Eric had given me after my previous one had been ruined. It was hanging unassumingly on the hook by my bedroom door as if patiently waiting for the upcoming wintery weather so it could be worn once again.

A small smile of remembrance played across my face as I picked up my brush and went back to my hair styling, deciding to stop agonizing over what was happening between Eric and me. Once I made it to the costume party, maybe it would be best to just let the night take me where it wanted to go. Why should I deny myself something I wanted? After all, this back and forth wasn’t doing anything but giving me a headache.

With that last thought, I turned my attention fully on getting dressed, letting none of my previous worries darken my optimistic mood.


When I arrived at Fangtasia, I was shocked to see the long line of people waiting to be admitted. As one of the most popular vampire bars in Louisiana, it normally had a pretty steady crowd consisting of fangbangers and tourists, but I was pretty sure the parking lot was now filled to capacity as I struggled to find a spot.

Apparently, Eric hadn’t been lying when he said Halloween was a big deal for vampires.

Finally finding a free space, I pulled in and parked. Grabbing my purse from the passenger seat, I locked the door behind me as I exited the car. I walked up to the front section of the lot and started for the back of the line to get in when I suddenly heard a very familiar voice calling my name. I had to look twice to make sure my eyes weren’t fooling me.

It was Pam, but she was in a very different outfit than what she normally wore when she worked the door at Fangtasia. She was waving me up to the door with a look of clear exasperation on her face. As I moved towards her, I could make out more details of her costume.

It was an elaborate dress the likes of which I had never seen outside viewings of Gone With The Wind. Considering, however, the lack of hoop skirt, I assumed this was more Victorian styled and probably not far off from what Pam had worn in her human days before Eric had turned her. It was a lovely pale shade of blue with a white silk ribbon lining the bodice, the sleeves were trimmed delicately with lace, and a short cape of dark blue velvet draped over her shoulders. With her light blonde hair twisted up in an intricate style, Pam looked absolutely stunning.

Giving me a small, one-armed hug, she brushed her lips softly against my cheek in greeting. I was happy to note that the burns she’d suffered in Rhodes seemed to be completely healed because I could see no trace of them on her.

“Really, Sookie,” she admonished me in a voice filled with amusement. “Did you think you would have to wait in line with the ones trying to crash our party? You’re an invited guest.”

Feeling somewhat embarrassed by my mistake, I shrugged my shoulders in defiance. “I thought all these people were invited. I didn’t know they weren’t.”

As she gazed back at me and caught notice of my costume for the first time, Pam’s ice blue eyes sparkled as her fangs ran out. “Oh, Sookie, you look just delicious. Eric will be very pleased,” she declared pleasantly.

I rolled my eyes at her. “Like what he thinks makes any difference,” I stated as if uninterested.

With a single eyebrow raised, Pam gave me her trademark look of skepticism. “I think someone is lying to themselves,” she replied in a final parting shot before she took my invitation out of my hands and waved me through the door.

As I entered, I was shocked to see the effort Eric had put into decorating Fangtasia for Halloween. Spider-webs dangled artfully from the ceiling, flaming jack-o’-lanterns sat on all the tables, open coffins with skeletons inhabiting them had been propped against the walls, and fog was rolling by the guests’ feet, concealing the floor. A DJ was set up in the corner and I could hear the opening chords of Transylvanian Concubine as people started pouring onto the dance floor.

There were already a good number of people crowding the club as I maneuvered myself through them and made my way to the bar. Ordering a gin and tonic from the human bartender, I took a moment to study the room before deciding what I was going to do next.

It seemed the vampires weren’t actually costumed per se, but had taken the same route as Pam and dressed in a style similar to the period they had been turned or reflecting the country of their origin. Thalia was beautiful in a white Grecian gown, her curly dark hair crowned with a golden laurel and Felicia looked like what I imagined to be an island princess of some sort.

I was just beginning to look for the other vampires I knew when I felt a presence by my side. I lifted my drink from where it had been placed on the bar and took a sip for courage before turning to my left.

I was shocked to see, not Eric, but Indira standing patiently next to me. She was dressed in a gorgeous pink sari with gold edging, her wrists and fingers adorned with elaborate jewelry, and her long dark hair -- which she normally wore in one long braid -- hung loose down her back in soft waves with lotus blossoms woven into the strands. She looked like a Hindu goddess come to life.

“Sookie, Eric wants to see you in his office,” she told me in her soft, sweet voice, a complete contrast to the dangerous vampire I knew she could be.

Nodding to indicate I’d gotten the message, Indira then favored me with a small smile before moving back towards the crowd.

Wondering why Eric wanted to see me and was not out here enjoying his party, I picked up my drink and started weaving my way over to the back hallway of the club. Once I reached it, I ducked down and found myself facing Eric’s office door. Raising my hand to knock politely, I was shocked when the door was thrown open before I could make a single tap.

Eric stood there in all his six-foot four-inch glory. He was dressed in a luxurious black three-piece suit with a light gray pinstripe running through it, a black button-down shirt under the vest, and a white silk tie around his neck as well as a matching handkerchief in his side pocket. Black and white wingtips decorated his feet and a black fedora with a white band was resting on his blond head. He looked as if he’d just stepped off a movie set where they were filming something about gangsters, Prohibition, and jazz.

He was, in a word, magnificent.

His fangs clicked out once he got a good look at my own costume and I pulled on one of my braids nervously. I wasn’t sure how things were going to progress between us now that I’d given myself the all clear, and it was making me anxious. I knew he could probably feel my restlessness through the blood-bond.

“My lover,” he intoned in a deep voice, taking my hand and leading me into the office. The door closed behind us and I heard him flip the lock before I turned to face him.

“I figured you’d be dressed as a Viking considering what the rest of the vampires are wearing,” I remarked as I moved further into the room, setting my drink and purse down on one of the side-tables lining the wall.

“Being weighed down by armor and a sword would be impractical,” he stated rather sensibly.

“So, it looks like you’ve got a good turnout,” I commented rather pointlessly, unsure about everything at the moment.

“Yes,” he replied distractedly as he wrapped his hands around my wrists and guided me over to his desk. Not understanding what he was trying to accomplish, I was shocked when he picked me up by my waist and set me on its surface.

“Eric, what are you doing?” I questioned, incensed by his manhandling and yet curious about what he might have planned. I knew I could stop him at any time and he would respect my wishes, but I’d given myself permission to enjoy tonight and that was just what I was planning to do.

“I am sorry, dear one,” he apologized, not sounding sorry in the least. “Your costume is giving me certain ideas,” he stated wickedly, the tip of his tongue tracing the length of his fangs.

I could feel heat rising in my cheeks and moisture pool in my underwear at his tone. Not knowing what else to do, I cleared my throat before asking, “Like what?”

“Tell me, Sookie,” he continued, his large hands taking hold of my braids and trailing his fingertips down their length until he reached the red bows at each end. “While I stayed in your house, did I introduce you to any of my…proclivities?” he questioned, his deep voice promising deliciously sinister things as he untied the ribbons and released my hair, combing his fingers through it to get out all the tangles.

“No,” I replied unsteadily, my breath catching in my throat as he traced a single finger down my neck, following the path of my vein as it disappeared down my chest. “At least, I don’t think so.”

His hands had switched their attention and were now curving behind my knees and tracing the edges of my white socks. My stomach clenched in anticipation as he gazed down at me from his superior height, his bright blue eyes glowing with rampant desire.

“Will you let me play, Sookie?” he asked, his voice husky as he caressed my legs just beneath the hem of my short skirt.

“Okay,” I agreed, my own voice beginning to shake from arousal.

Before I knew what was happening, we were standing on the other side of the desk near his chair. He unbuttoned his suit jacket and hung it over the chair’s back, set his hat off to the side, and then rolled up the sleeves of his shirt before coming back to me. Eric turned me around until my back was pressed against his front and I could feel the bulge of his erection just above the curve of my behind.

“From this moment forward, you will call me Mr. Northman,” he instructed. “Tell me you understand.”

“I understand,” I parroted back to him, not really having any idea what he was talking about.

“You will obey me and answer any questions I ask. You will be rewarded or punished depending on what answers you give. Also, if at any moment, you wish for me to stop, you will call out the word rainbow,” he continued, his mouth right at my ear. “Do you understand?”

“I understand,” I said once again, feeling my hackles rise at the word obey but knowing Eric wouldn’t really make me do anything I didn’t want to.

“Good girl,” he praised as he stroked my hair, his other hand curling around my hip. “Now, bend over the desk.”

Finally realizing exactly what he had in mind, I felt apprehension coil in my abdomen. “Eric, I’m not sure…”

He gathered my hair over one shoulder and pressed a soft kiss on the back of my neck. “I will stop if you tell me to, Sookie. I promise.”

Nodding my head, I cautiously bent at the waist and laid my upper body across the desk.

“Now,” he started as he flipped up the back of my skirt, the index finger on each hand winding into the sides of my red lace panties and tugging them down my legs to expose my pert bottom to his eyes. “You’ve been a bad girl, have you not, Miss Stackhouse?”

“What? No, I haven’t,” I answered, rather annoyed by his question.

Two sharp slaps with his hand to each butt cheek was his reply. As I gasped at his actions, I felt the tingling heat where he’d struck spread through me and I was surprised to feel myself getting wetter.

“I believe I told you to call me Mr. Northman,” he declared forcefully.

“Yes, Mr. Northman,” I said, going along with the game as a shiver raced up my spine at his dominant nature.

“That’s a good girl,” he crooned in my ear, his finger now tracing the outer lips of my pussy. “You’re very wet, my lover, and I have barely touched you.”

I whimpered as I tilted my hips, trying to get him to go deeper, but he evaded my attempts, ignoring my wish for him to touch me where I needed it.

“You have been avoiding me since we blood-bonded in Rhodes, haven’t you?” he whispered menacingly, his fingertips tickling the backs of my thighs as he waited patiently for my answer.

“Yes, Mr. Northman,” I responded, deciding to be honest once I remembered my promise to myself before I left my house tonight.

“Why?” he questioned simply, his hands reaching up to undo the clasp of my bra underneath my shirt. “Did you really prefer the tiger over me?”

“No, Mr. Northman,” I answered hurriedly, knowing that discussing Quinn would not put either of us in a good mood. “I was scared.”

“Scared of what?”

This time I paused for several moments thinking of how I could word my answer without giving too much away. When Eric decided I had taken more than enough time, six more smacks followed on my behind.

A whimper escaped me before I could clamp down on it. “I was scared of my feelings for you, Mr. Northman.”

“Oh, Sookie,” he exhaled on a breath before flipping me over, my back now resting on the desk as I faced him. His eyes were burning intensely as he studied my face. I sat up slightly and worked quickly to undo his belt and the fastenings of his pants. Once I had his thick erection in my palm, I stroked my hand down the long, smooth column, my gaze never once wavering from his expression.

I guided him to my opening and felt him slowly slide all the way in, my walls near to bursting as they stretched to welcome his length. Resting back on the desk, I pulled him down on top of me as I tangled one hand in his soft blond hair and wrapped the other around the tie still hanging from his neck.

For the first time since I’d entered his office, our lips met as he pulled out and thrust back in, his cock hitting all my sensitive spots as I lifted my hips to grind against and meet him halfway. It was just as amazing as I remembered, having him deep inside me, his weight pressing down on me, his tongue doing wicked things to my mouth.

I cried out in pleasure as he hooked an arm around my right leg and threw it over his shoulder, changing the angle of penetration as I arched my back, trying desperately to get him even deeper inside me as I held onto his shoulders to ground myself. He took the opportunity to cup my breast under my shirt with one of his large hands, rolling my nipple between his forefinger and thumb as he tugged on it, sending sharp jolts of pleasure spearing through me.

Our rhythm increased as he pounded me into the desk, the few papers and folders still on its surface falling noisily onto the floor as the sound of our bodies coming together echoed around the room. Feeling myself beginning to climb to my peak, I broke off our kiss and turned my head to the side, exposing the smooth skin of my throat.

His fangs scraped along its length before settling at the juncture between my neck and shoulder, making me writhe in expectation. He continued to thrust into me, his movements soon becoming a blur as he began to bite down. As soon as he slipped his razor-sharp teeth into my vein, my blood filling his mouth as he sipped from the punctures, I came apart in his arms, my center fluttering around him as his body gave one last jerk against mine, his cock spilling inside me as he lapped at my neck.

Once our high started to wear off, he pulled out of me and started readjusting our clothes. I was simply too exhausted to do anything but lie there as his hands moved over me, fixing my shirt and drawing my panties back up underneath my skirt. After he finished with me, he turned his attention back to his own attire and soon, he again looked as perfect as he did when he’d opened the door.

“What brought that on?” I asked curiously, knowing the game was now over and we would soon be joining the crowd of Fangtasia’s Halloween party.

“Before you arrived tonight, I felt your confusion and then your determination. By the time you arrived in the parking lot, I could feel your nervousness. I deduced that you were finally willing to acknowledge what was happening between us,” he explained patiently, his cool blue eyes gazing at me steadily.

I sighed as I felt his contentment through the bond and I could sense a little of my own bliss seeping in there as well. “You were right. It was past time for both of us to stop running from each other.”

“You are a wise woman, Sookie Stackhouse,” he murmured lowly before tilting my head up and dropping a kiss on my parted lips. We took a moment to savor the contact before pulling away, my hand automatically finding a place in his as we made our way to the door and the packed club beyond.

“If you are a very good girl,” he started, a sinful glint lighting up his eyes, “you can help me judge the costume contest.”

My laughter echoed off the hallway walls as the office door clicked behind us, a gangster and a schoolgirl out to enjoy the holiday together.

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